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~ Here's to us. Here's to ordering a salad when you really want a burger. To making an ass out of ourselves in combat cardio class. To drinking more water than seems possible. To going 5 more minutes on the elliptical. To falling in love with the you that you really are, the you that you want to become. To looking in the mirror, and not seeing any change but throwing on your running shoes and hitting the gym anyways. Here's to apples, and shin splints, and sweat shirts, and perserverance. To sore muscles, and stinky socks, and 7am conditioning class, and falling down and getting back up. And here's to getting up tomorrow and doing it all again. You're beautiful, by the way. xx

I love creating my own dressings! Needed some new ideas


I love creating my own dressings! Needed some new ideas

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